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We Specialize in Serving Our Clients Legal Needs in the Following Areas

For More Detail on the Services Listed Hereinbelow, Please See the Separate Topic Descriptions Detailed Further Down this Page

Business Entity Creation, Acquisition, Modification, Liquidation, Sale, or Disposition:

Creation, Modification, and Administration of Legal Business Structures; Multi-Member or Single-Member LLCs ( SMLLC ) and Professional LLCs (PLLC), Partnerships, Corporations, Non-Profit Entities, and Other Entity Types; Purchase and Sale Transactions, Mergers, Liquidations, Divestitures, Liquidations, and Related Transactions (as Described in Much More Detail on this Page Hereinbelow).

Tax Matters:

Tax Issues for Individuals & Entities: Tax Controversies and Audits, Planning, Compliance, Document Drafting, Negotiations & Settlements,

Estates, Wills, and Trusts:

Creation or Administration; Estate Planning; Probate, intestate, and Estate Administration, All Types of Trusts: Life Insurance Trust, Irrevocable Trust, Gift Trust, Living Trust and Living Wills


Negotiations, Contract Drafting, Consequences (Including Tax), Enforceability and General Contract Research

Family Law & Divorce Issues:

Irreconcilable Differences, Contested Divorces, Custody Issues, Asset Division Including QDROs (Qualified Domestic Relations Orders for Division of Retirement Investments)

Land Use, Disputes, & Property Transactions:

Ownership Rights, Conveyances, Neighbor /Property- Line Disputes, Deed Drafting, Partitions, Division of Real Property Interests, Easements, Right of Way Issues, Governmental / Municipality Disputes, and Other General Real Estate Transactions.

Asset Protection:

Creditor protection, premarital or post-marital divorce strategizing, including joint marital family planning for combined families, and tax planning to minimize income, taxes as well as estate taxes, capital gains, taxes on your business income or investment income, and retirement assets.

Please call to see whether we have experience that will serve your legal needs. If we cannot help you, we will refer you to an attorney that can.

Business Entity Creation / Modification and/ or Acquisitions:

We can help you create, modify, or, acquire a Business, a Business Unit, a Corporation, corporate stock​s, and almost any other type of organization or portion thereof.

We can form your new organization and help you decide the best entity structure for you, whether you want a Multi-Member Limited Liability Company, (LLC) or a Single-Member LLC ( SMLLC), a Professional LLC (PLLC), or even a qualifying Non-Profit Entity, or some other Entity Structure.

Perhaps you currently have a business with favorable tax assets, such as a Partnership, and you want to change the structure of the entity, but keep the favorable tax consequences - we can show you how.

We can show you ways to reorganize, divest, liquidate, finance or fund your existing organization, including the equity or debt of a business entity, along with concurrent acquisition.

If you are considering acquiring a business - consult us first! There are many ways to structure an acquisition, each with very different consequences. We can present a roadmap for you of the best way to obtain exactly what you want from the business without acquiring anything that you do not, and we can help you make sure you are getting the value you think you are with pre-transaction services. We can present the benefits and costs associated with acquiring a business unit versus corporate stock versus company assets via liquidation or direct purchase/sale agreement, versus merger (of which there are several types) and many more options based on your specific set of circumstances including the size of the acquisition, the nature of the assets, the tax basis, etc.

We can assist you with determining the best structure for your entity creation, or business acquisition or merger, and provide pre-transaction services such as valuation / due diligence studies, and walk you through each step of the transaction including negotiations and contract drafting and execution, We will even assist you with creative financing including debt /equity restructuring or business liquidity options if you want. We can do it all.

If you are just starting your business, once we get your entity established, we will ensure that you know what you need to do to ensure proper filings with the State and Federal taxing authorities, and what you need to do to ensure proper compliance for your type of entity generally. We will even help you get all of proper licenses and permits you will need for operations, and any other related services you need that we can provide.

Probate, Estate Administration, and Disputes

The time following the death of a loved one can be confusing and complex. The multitude of issues can vary from the sale of real estate to unraveling complex tax problems. Most executors are unfamiliar with the complexities of probate, and I see it as my firm’s job to take the burden off the executor and to help bring the estate to a conclusion. To address this varied area of the law I have assembled a team of attorneys, paralegals and tax preparers who focus exclusively on probate matters.

Estate Planning

Estate Planning: By listening to our clients, we address their estate planning concerns and needs in an efficient manner. We explain complex tax or asset protection techniques in a way that everyone can understand. Years of experience have provided us with an in-depth knowledge of estate planning and asset protection techniques that most other attorneys do not possess. We prepare everything from simple to complex tax-planning wills for Mississippi and Tennessee, as well as powers of attorney for health care and financial planning,living wills, and trusts for all types of purposes.

Asset Protection

Let us show you how to keep what is yours. Asset protection involves legal strategies and techniques designed to shelter your assets from creditors, divorce, and taxes. Our services include assisting you with creditor protection, keeping what is rightfully yours in the unfortunate event of marital dissolution, joint marital family planning for combined families, and tax planning to minimize income, taxes, estate taxes, avoid taxes on capital gains, taxes on your business income or investment income, and retirement assets. In general, we show you the many ways to keep what is yours.

We have many more services to offer. Please be patient with us while we build our site. In the meantime, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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